Tourist Attractions in Perth

Perth, the beautiful capital of West Australia situated where the Swan river embraces the Indian ocean. Inherited with loads of hypnotic marine parks. Got to visit there? Here’s the precise list of the best place to see in Perth.

  1. The Perth Mint: Beautifully established on June 20, 1899. It is a delightful combination of cultural demonstration of production and exhibition. Cafe and a souvenir shop are in-built there. They take care of public transportation as well by providing cat buses for tourists. It is an ethnic blend of gold production method (from the scratch) and the gracious history of gold in Australia. It’s interesting one tonne gold coin and genuine hospitality definitely makes it the best place to see in Perth.
  2. Kings Park & Botanic Garden: A 24/7 open botanical park, stretched in the wide horizon of 4.06 km sq is an eye cooler! Great photographic opportunity and you definitely need at least 3 hours to enjoy this magnificent park. Cascaded by mesmerizing flora of west Australia makes this the best place to see in Perth for a quality picnic and strolling.

3.Swan River: If you are a water baby, this is definitely your place! It mingles with the Indian ocean leaving behind the delightful view. Use Captain Cook Cruise boat to sail to-and-fro from Perth to Fremantle, or is strolling you enjoy? Cycle your heart around the river and grab the beautiful view of Perth.

4.The Bell Tower: An 82.5 meters high copper and glass campanile is a gorgeous set of 18 bells aka swan bells.The attraction is in the middle of a major construction zone – Elizabeth Quay. What makes it the best place to see in Perth? Probably the holy experience everybody encounters when they visit this place. All the 18 swan bells rings in unison at 12 noon. A great catch for panoramic view and photography!

5.The Perth Zoo: Humongous zoo spread in the 41 acres of land, established on 1898 is the home of 1258 animals and 164 species. It also posses the wide variety of flora. An excellent barbecue picnic spot with many handy wending machines. It’s smartly designed nocturnal house with stimulated moon-light for the nocturnal animals possesses the heart of all visitor that are hungry for the view of amazing fauna.

  1. The Aquarium of Western Australia: The Aquarium of Western Australia, aka The AQWA, established in 1988 is one of the largest aquarium of Australia with the spectacular underwater walk through tunnel with the mind boggling sites of marine flora and fauna. With the generous display of over 400 species and coral reef definitely makes it the best place to see in Perth!

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